Rural House Projects



Darklass takes the best of Swedish Design and blends with our Scottish regionalism. Coast2Coast Architects were asked to take the Trivselhus off-site manufactured timber kit building system and modify it for the local housing market and environmental conditions. The end result is a 7-dwelling housing development commencing 2018 with the Darklass Show House. 




Small but perfectly formed. Super-Insulated. Air-tight. 2 Bedroom dwelling. Larch Cladding. Triple-Glazed Windows & Doors. MHVR Heat Recovery heating system. The VW Golf of small houses.


Easter Garlyne, Nethy Bridge

Easter Garlyne takes as its starting point two simple agricultural structures linked together to provide a sheltered outdoor entrance court. The new design blends into the woodland background and the existing cluster of buildings around Garlyne. A single story Sleeping Shed provides shelter from the north while the Living Shed is orientated in order to focus views towards the Cairngorms. The building exterior resembles a contemporary version of local steadings: clad in stained timber with a grey metal roof.


Rongai Steading, Rafford 

A new dwelling adjacent to the Listed Manse & Outbuildings on the site of the old Village Hall. Designed to form the remaining two sides of the steading development (that was never there) this new house nestles into the hillside and enjoys a sheltered south west courtyard.


Passive House, Aberlour  

State of the art, Passive House constructed of local materials. Located on an exposed hillside with views over Ben Rinnes this super insulated new 2-bedroom house is clad in Larch with a zinc roof.



New house & refurbishment of traditional farm cottage on rural Moray site outside Brodie. The new design creates and new dwelling rather than extend a small cottage and incorporates a pallet of traditional materials in a contemporary manner.



A new Croft House on bare-lands in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. Designed to recreate the building form & materials associated with rural steadings throughout Strathspey. Contemporary in its use of materials, energy efficiency & environmental performance; objective to provide a zero-carbon dwelling footprint.


New Garden Cottage, Findhorn 

Design of a 2 bedroom cottage in the grounds of an established garden. An example of low cost rural housing.


New Crofthouse on the Blackisle

A contemporary dwelling on an exposed high level site overlooking the southern flanks of Ben Wyvis. Panorama views balanced against the need for a warm indoor environment.


New House, Briach, Rafford

Design of a simple two bedroom house for rural Moray.



New House, Rafford 


Set on a steeply sloping wooded hillside, Planning Consent has been granted for the design of this new family home looking out over the Vale of Moray.



New House, Upper Rafford

Design of a new family house overlooking the carse of Moray.