Sleeping & Living Shed, Nethybridge

Planning Application lodged with The Highland Council for a new dwelling at Easter Garlyne. The project takes as its starting point two simple agricultural structures linked together to provide a sheltered outdoor entrance court, blending into the woodland background and the existing cluster of buildings.

A single story Sleeping Shed provides shelter from the north while the Living Shed is orientated in order to focus views towards the Cairngorms. Approached from a new access track down the woodland edge, car parking is located in an undercroft beneath the Living Shed within the existing site contours. A simple driveway leads up to the dwelling entrance level.

The building exterior resembles a contemporary version of local steadings: clad in stained timber with a grey metal roof. Constructed with the energy & environmental principles seen in all of Coast2Coast Architects houses these new building forms are super-insulated, airtight & energy efficient to ensure with low running costs, maximise environmental performance and to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the development, construction and use. 


on 2017-03-21 15:51 by Greig Munro

Planning Consent was Granted by The Highland Council for this new house in The Caringorms National Park at Easter Garlyne on 7th March 2017.