RIAS Design Awards 2012 Nomination - Driftwood Cottage

Driftwood Cottage at 157 Findhorn has been nominated for the 2012 RIAS Design Awards under the category for Conservation & Design. The project was descibed to the Royal Incorporation of Architects Scotland as: 

"The design of this small ‘fisher’ cottage recreates the footprint of one of the original cottages once located on the site. In itself this building is not an act of conservation however this small new-build cottage has been designed to synthesise and make more obvious the grain and characters that underpin the local conservation area whilst reinforcing the special qualities of Findhorn Village.

Driftwood Cottage is simple in its composition and perhaps traditional in its appearance; respectful of the historic pallet of materials, colours and building forms. The external appearance belies the modern method of construction, achieved high levels of insulation and overall energy performance and contemporary interior of this family living space.

Designed around the needs of a family of 4 the cottage is accessed traditionally, from the south direct into a small hall. Located hard in between neighbouring buildings of the fisher town Driftwood Cottage adds to the density of building, opening directly onto the stryplies, common pedestrian rights of way running adjacent to the edge of the building.

Care in the use of contemporary building materials blends the characteristics of the original dwellings: an acrylic lime render on a ventilated acoustic cladding system provides a high performance interpretation of the old white-washed and harled stone walls adjacent. Careful rounding of building corners, window in-goes and the use of slate sills subtly camouflages the true age of this building. The use and colour of vertical timber cladding breaks-down the scale of the external building forms while harking back to the traditional lean-to smoke houses of ages past.

Natural stone paving, beach pebbles and external landscaping details of groins and picket fences highlight the local area character and add to the cohesive feeling of village infrastructure. Taken together Driftwood Cottage blends contemporary construction methods with traditional materials to serve as an act of Village Conservation."

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